IL PIETRISCO PROSE: Facets of the Health Humanities

Chiara Battisti and António Duarte
Comics/Graphic Novels and Health Humanities
May 26, 2021
6 pm GMT

This third lecture of the Facets of the Health Humanities series, hosted by “Il Pietrisco” Prose, will see Chiara Battisti and António Duarte explore the coalescing of the medium of the comics/graphic novels and the practice of Health Humanities. What has been defined as “graphic medicine” emerges at the crossroads of health humanities and narrative medicine and combines “the principle so of narrative medicine with the exploration of the visual system of comic art, interrogating the representation of physical and emotional signs and symptoms within the medium” (Graphic Medicine Manifesto 1). In creating an intricate relationship among healthcare professionals, patients, families, and caregivers, graphic narrative enlightens difficult experience and enhances clinical and communicative capabilities. For scholars in literary and cultural studies, the genre articulates a multifaceted analysis of illness, medicine, and disability.
Chiara Battisti will explore the connection between illness writing and graphic novels in order to illustrate the unique, productive role this format can play in problematising the cultural representation of Alzheimer’s.
António Duarte will approach a rationale and use of comics/graphic novels for the development of a “patient centred care” in carers and an “adaptative psychological response to illness” in patients.

With the participation of Chiara Battisti and António Duarte. Chaired by Cecilia Beecher Martins.


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