IL PIETRISCO PROSE: Facets of the Health Humanities

17 November 2021, 6pm (GMT)


Enrico Totola and Mick Greer

Introduced by: Chiara Battisti and Sidia Fiorato

‘Perform/Ability: Theatre and the Health Humanities’

Perform/ability: Theatre and the Health Humanities will focus on the work of Theatre Company Shifting Point- Punto in Movimento, founded by Roberto Totola in 1992 in Verona. Their work underlines in particular a research on the medium of theatre and its languages in order to open new potentialities of expression, which are then integrated by the cinematic medium. The main focus of the company’s theatrical research is the body and its effort to reach an individual expression in the social context, with a specific attention to the young generations and the development of a culture of integration and inclusion.
Their documentary “The Dream of Knights without Fear” presents the ongoing project "Integrated Diversity and Entertainment": selected moments will be introduced by Enrico Totola and commented in dialogue with Mick Greer (School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon).


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