Facets of the Health Humanities: “Imagining Myself Out of Myself”: Uses of Fiction and Memoir in Health Humanities

The next online lecture of the series titled Facets of the Health Humanities (promoted by the Prose Section of “Il Pietrisco”) is scheduled to be delivered on Zoom on Wednesday, 29th September at 6pm (GMT): 
Teresa Casal (University of Lisbon)”Imagining Myself Out of Myself”: Uses of Fiction and Memoir in Health Humanities”Chaired by Rossella M. RiccobonoSeptember 29, 2021 
6pm GMT 
This fifth lecture of the Facets of the Health Humanities series, hosted by “Il Pietrisco” Prose, will see Teresa Casal explore the medium of Memoir and the practice of Health Humanities. This talk hopes to contribute to a closer appreciation of how memoir and fiction represent experiences of illness and grief and how readers engage with them. It will draw on literary works written on the thin line between memoir and fiction to consider the questions they raise on the power and limitations of fiction and memoir: are there limits to the testimonial power of memoir? Can the artifice of fiction, its power to shift perspective and step into others’ minds, prove enabling to articulate otherwise inarticulate experience? Are the differences in the writing of memoir and fiction replicated in the reading of each form?

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