Facets of the Health Humanities: An Introduction

We are glad to share the online lecture series titled Facets of the Health Humanities promoted by the Prose Section of Il Pietrisco (www.pietrisco.net).

Facets of the Health Humanities: An Introduction

March 17, 2021

6 pm GMT

Thanks to its practical and interdisciplinary nature, the field of the Health Humanities is of great interest today. So much so that many healthcare education programs have introduced study in the arts in their curricula. Moreover, one of the areas within that field – narrative medicine – suggests that close reading of artistic objects, reflective writing in the shadow of the object analyses, and close reading of that reflective writing can enhance attention and representation skills while building affiliations with self, patients and institutions, characteristics that the current ongoing healthcare crisis has shown to be of tremendous relevance to healthcare professionals.

But is it the same to work with a poem, or a painting? A film or a novel? What are the differences between, for instance, health humanities and narrative medicine? What perspectives can health humanities give to disability studies? At “Il Pietrisco”, we think these questions need to be raised and addressed, so we have set out to create a lecture cycle where experts in specific areas, from lyrical texts to visual arts and the graphic novel, from film to narrative prose, fairytale and theatre, will look at these questions, with feedback from artists. 

The 17th March session will introduce the subject areas and approach.

With the participation of Chiara Battisti, Cecilia Beecher Martins, Sidia Fiorato, Rossella Riccobono and chaired by Carmela Pierini.


Zoom meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2182591759?pwd=eVNnNnVGLzdTTnNuN2VxSldDb1o5dz09

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For passcode email: prose@pietrisco.net

Deadline for enrollment: 1 pm on March 17, 2021


Next appointment:
April 21, 2021

Dr. Rossella Riccobono: Poetry Therapy and Storytelling


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