The Society for Pirandello Studies

Convegno internazionale

Pirandello and Translation: Transfer, Transformation and the Transcultural

in collaboration with Glasgow’s ‘Writing in Transfer’ research cluster

 Saturday 13 October 2018

Gilmorehill Hall, cinema room (University of Glasgow, UK)


10 a.m.                 John C. Barnes (UCD): Welcome

10.05 a.m.          Susan Bassnett (Glasgow and Warwick): Opening remarks

Introduced by Eanna O’Ceallachain (Glasgow)

10.30 a.m.          Joseph Farrell (Strathclyde): Pirandello in His Own Right: Is Translation Possible or     Desirable?

10.50 a.m.           Eanna O’Ceallachain (Glasgow): Sanguineti’s Sei A Travesty of an Intralingual Translation

11.10 a.m.           Malcolm Yates Knight (Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre): Mask Relativism and Theatres of the Mirror

Chair: Davide Messina (Edinburgh)

11.40 p.m. Coffee

12.00 p.m.          Marta Fumi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore): Pirandello, Goethe and the Translation of Roman Elegies: a New Focus on Style

12.20 p.m.          Matthew Mild (Keele): The Pragmatography of Transcultural Interfaith Neuromodernity Luigi’s Alletto and Virginia’s Walsh as Neuromodernist Memosubalterns

12.40 p.m.          Michael Subialka (California): Translating Life: Contemporary Performances of Pirandello in the UK

Chair: Elisa Segnini (Glasgow)

1.10 p.m. Lunch

2.20 p.m.            Caitríona Cassidy (Glasgow): Pirandello and French Public Theatre: Two productions of Vestire gli ignudi

2.40 p.m.            Magdalena Kampert (Glasgow): Theatre Self-translation and Cultural renegotiation: the Case of Luigi Pirandello

3.00 p.m.             Zsuzsanna Balázs (NUI Galway): Resistant Bodies: Androgynous Spectacle in Modern European Drama and Pirandello

                                Chair: Elwira Grossman (Glasgow)

3.30 p.m. Coffee

3.40 p.m.             Book presentation: Enza De Francisci, A ‘New’ Woman in Verga and Pirandello (Oxford: Legenda, 2018). In conversation with Katharine Mitchell (Strathclyde)

4.00 p.m.             Film screening: Dreaming (Or Is It?) produced by Simon Image and directed by Doug Rollins

4.30 p.m.             Enza De Francisci (Glasgow): Closing