AAIS Conference 2016 Baton Rouge (USA) – cfp Migrant Bodies

CFP – Migrant Bodies 
AAIS (American Association for Italian Studies)
Challenging hegemonic attempts to marginalize, silence, and annihilate the immigrant’s body, its physical presence is evoked, remembered, dramatized, and restored in countless representations where subjectivity is recaptured and reconfigured while authorial voices interrogate established forms of identity, progress, development, and modernity. Taking to heart Braidotti’s concept of nomadic subjectivity and interweaving it with the idea of “you are what you remember,” this session seeks essays that will examine how the migrant body encroaches on and deconstructs the political, cultural, and historical discourse of hegemony, bringing to the fore issues of representation, justice, and agency that will continue to concern, and hopefully, transform European cultural and political practices.
Please send an abstract of 150-300 words (in English or Italian) and a brief bio to Simona Wright (simona@tcnj.edu), Ashna Ali (aali1@gradcenter.cuny.edu), and Anita Pinzi (anitapinzi@gmail.com) by January 1 2016.